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Visit the Microsoft ActiveX Resource site at activex – the definitive resource for information on ActiveX.

The Results of the First Active Group Meeting

The Active Group, comprised of users and stakeholders, has been formed to provide stewardship for the ActiveX standard as it is implemented on multiple platforms and operating systems. ActiveX is an industry that currently generates over $240 million a year, per GIGA Information Group.

DCOM for OpenVMS Field Test
Digital Equipment Corporation has created a site dedicated to implementing Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) on OpenVMS. This comprehensive site includes information about the DCOM for OpenVMS FT2 (Field Test 2) software as well as how and where to download the OpenVMS kit. The kit contains all the code and documentation that you need to develop DCOM applications and install DCOM for OpenVMS on your OpenVMS Version 7.1 system.

Digital Equipment Corporation has created a Web site dedicated to implementing COM on the 64-bit DIGITAL UNIX Operating System. This comprehensive site includes information about the 64-bit COM Software Development Kit for DIGITAL UNIX as well as a form to request a CD-ROM of the first field test kit. The site also contains information on how to install and configure the COM 64-Bit SDK on DIGITAL UNIX to support COM applications in a heterogeneous Windows NT/DIGITAL UNIX COM environment.

COM for Solaris 1.0 on CD-ROM
Microsoft’s COM for Solaris 1.0 on CD-ROM is now available for online purchase. Providing COM for UNIX-based Solaris is another example of Microsoft’s commitment to interoperability. The COM for Solaris 1.0 Web page contains pricing and online ordering information for both the CD and Microsoft Technical Support services.

About the ActiveX Forum:
The ActiveX Forum is a consortium of software and systems vendors dedicated to promotion and widespread adoption of ActiveX core technologies. Functioning as an authoring group working under the auspices of The Open Group, The Active Group is directed by a steering committee of 12 vendors including Adobe Systems, Computer Associates International, DEC, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft Corporation, Powersoft-Sybase, Sheridan Systems, Siemens-Nixdorf Information Systems, Software AG, Videosoft, Visio, and Wall Data.

The Active Group is currently establishing procedures for general membership for customers and industry members.

News & Announcements:
The Active Group is committed to building on ActiveX’s success and ensuring its future evolution meets the needs of the broadest set of users and accelerates the widest possible use of interoperable software components across all commercial computing platforms
Information on the ActiveX Core Technologies Pre-Structured Technology Proposal (PST) Approved by The Open Group Board on December 13, 1996

Announcement of Board Vote

Description of ActiveX Core Technologies

Press Coverage of ActiveX Working Group meeting October 1, 1996

The Open Group wins stewardship of Microsoft’s ActiveX

OMG, Open Group seen holding keys to interoperability effort

ActiveX opens up

Wall Street Journal Article (requires subscription)

Microsoft Passes ActiveX Torch To The Open Group

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ActiveX may be turning into Brand X

Microsoft to turn ActiveX over to new standards body

Background on the ActiveX working group meeting of October 1, 1996:

ActiveX-Related Announcements:

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(9/18/96) – Microsoft Releases Beta Version of DCOM for Windows 95

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(7/26/96) – Microsoft Announces Decision to Transition ActiveX Technologies To an Independent Standards Body